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June 7th, 2007

Stupid Tax Levy's & Red and Black Mohawks. @ 10:00 am

It's 92 degrees outside and I'm sick. My nose is all drippy and my throat hurts. Its pretty sucky. But on the other hand...although I'm sick I'm insanely happy. I met this guy named Jason at the beginning of the school year but just recently we started talking alot. And I've been crushin on him for awhile but you know me I never do anything about it. Well I told my friend Amber and Lacie about how I liked him and stuff. Amber and Lace talked to him about it and whata ya know! He likes me too! AHHHHH! How great is that? So I've been talking to him and he's been coming up to school to see me! And whats even better is that he has a sweet ass mohawk! A red and black sweet ass mohawk! YES! So we'll see were that goes. Well today is the last day of school. I'm officially a Senior. For some odd reason I feel old. I remember the first day of Freshman year...I was terrified. Couldn't wait for it to be over. I keep on saying to myself..."Highschool is gonna be the longest experience of my life...It's going to take forever." How untrue that was. Highschool turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life and in one years time it'll all be over. I know Senior year is going to fly by so fast....I can honestly say that I'll be sad to go. I've met some pretty awesome people and done some pretty cool stuff. And I have to remember that if it were'nt for this school than I would have never met half of the awesome people I call my friends...including Jason lol. I joined Junior Board this year and I must say....It was alot different than I expected it to be. I'm not one for meeting with a whole bunch of fellow classmates that I honestly can't stand and talking about only God knows what. I'm not into the whole...school spirit cheerleading pep rally lets meet in the library kinda thing. But I liked it...it was a great group of people. We planned Homecoming and Prom. And both were pretty great. And I'm not a dancey kind of person but I actually enjoyed prom. I didn't have a date...well I went with my best friend Lacie...but It didn't matter because I was with all of my friends and it was just...amazing. I'll never forget thsi year and the people I met....I miss the Seniors already! Writing that makes mme think of Jon Paxton. He was the greatest with his purple belt. Aww. I need to call him. Well this entry turned out to be ALOT longer than I intended. It's all just me rambling on about random nothingness. Oh I just remembered. In the first week of May Dayton Public Schools made a tax levy to get the schools more money. The levy failed. So they've been cutting teachers jobs left and right. And my favortie teacher in the whole wide world got cut! I'm so mad! Today is the last day I'll get to see her....Mrs. Allen! Me and Lacie made her a little art thingy..it  was cute. And we got her some Elvis CD's. That was something we had in common. Mrs.Allen and I both loved Elvis. I don't wanna cry when I leave today but I think I might. She was like my second Mom. I love her to death. Its funny though because she'll being doind nothing and come out of nowhere and say, "What are they gonna do? Fire me?". Its pretty great. Well I'm mos def gonna get off her now....laterz.

April 20th, 2007

blah. @ 11:08 am

Current Music: Voices

So our baseball team won the Championship...woo-whooo! And I'm contemplating on going to a game tonight...lotta ppl. going. And I'm not usually enthralled by large crowds of screaming people. But i guess it would be fun if I went with my usual suspects... Lacie being one. And how happy am i that Sanjaya got voted off! About time! Lol...i think weird thoughts sometimes.....I wonder if people even read this?? Oh well...guess I need to talk to myself every once in awhile.  Bell ringing...tah-tah.


April 19th, 2007

(no subject) @ 02:44 pm

2 weeks. 3 days. the agony. lol. almost my birthday! so here's the scoop...today i got harassed by these weird mexican from school. Lesson learned: don't drop your guard when standing in the lunch line!
Currently sitting in art....which of whom I have thee most amazing art teacher ever. ttly bell's ringing soon!


March 31st, 2007

blobbity blue blah @ 04:41 pm

ugh. did i forget to mention that i also hate headaches? i do. tv suxs. web sux. everything sux. ugh. i'll go eat some food now.

March 26th, 2007

So where's Bam? @ 09:52 am

Current Location: skiz-ool
Current Mood: quixotic sounds cool huh?
Current Music: Rush.

Ugh. I hate substitutes. 4 more days and then finally I'll be on spring break! YES. I hate 1st period also. 
I want some cereal. And I also want to know when the next NEW episode of Bam's Unholy Union comes on. That show rox my sox. And my sox are pretty hard to rock.  And the stupid ass PussyCat Doll's show keeps taking my One Tree Hill's Wednesday time slot! Sluts. I want it to be cold again. I love winter and the snow. But noooooo...it has to be 80 degrees outside. I really wanted those DC snowboots from Journey's. too late. No more snow. I wanna watch INKED. See some cool tattoo's. Sounds alot better than sitting in this classroom for 2 periods straight. Ugh. Once again. And Lacie I know you'll read this eventually so...I'm sorry your computer is being a piece of shit. 

Maybe I'll just sit here and listen to my ipod. Maybe.

A tub of cottage cheese. @ 09:40 am

Current Music: Madina Lake: House of Cards

So I was wondering...why is Cottage Cheese actually called cottage cheese? It doesn't look like cheese...and where the hell did the cottage come from? I wonder if some old person concoted it up in a cottage.

A tub of cottage cheese
      ^A tub of cottage cheese.^

The only way I'll eat cottage cheese is with Doritos. and olives. green ones.


March 23rd, 2007

Quesadilla's, Trash Bag Cat's, and Grey's Anatomy. @ 10:15 am

Current Location: skiz-ool
Current Music: 30 Seconds to Mars: From Yesterday

So...yesterday! Wow. Me, Lacie, & Lindsey skipped 4th period and B lunch. OOh...we went to Taco Bell and I ate cheesy potato's and quesadilla's. Oh god. I was hungry! LOL-then we had time to burn so we went to Kroger's and bought 2 loaves of bread. =] we went to Delco Park to feed the ducks! Damn I love ducks. But I didn't love those huge geese that chased us! And I got mud all over my shoes! I just wish it wouldn't have rained earlier in the day so the BMX track could have been dry. Then all the hot biker guys could have been out! Thennn...we went to Lindsey's house and I saw her fat ass dog Todd and her little dogg Shorty...and her 6 cats...and her 2 fish...and her 4 birds...and 2 hamsters...and her Lizard. Lol...one of her cats will let you put it in a trash bag and carry it around. Thenn we went back to school and I went to 5th period (Art 2). Which i happen to be a beast at. And we're making hand painted graphic t-shirts. Mine's awesome! Thenn...I went home and then me and my Friend Angel went to the nail place and got our nail's done for the hell of it. Thenn...i went home and cleaned and watched Grey's Anatomy and October Road. And argued with Greg, James, and Aaron. Stalkers. Then I crashed. But yet I'm still exausted this morning...hungry 2. I forgot to eat dinner last night. Who forgets to eat dinner? That's so stupid lol. Now I'm sitting at school being bored. And I want some food. Someone entertain me. Anyone?

March 21st, 2007

The Beginning's Of Me! @ 09:48 am

Current Location: School
Current Mood: sleepy sleepy
Current Music: Good Charlotte: The River

Frick. Well I did type up this whole long post about who I was and what I liked. Buuutttt...I accidently clicked a wrong button and erased it ALL! So I'm pretty ticked off about that! But I'll shortcut it....here are the facts:

I'm BRITNY....I was named after this big hair band called BritnyFox for those of you who've heard of them. (Google em' lol)
Family is a BIG part of my life. Love them.
2 sisters...Alexis-12 & Paige-3.
1 Brother...Terry-15.
I'm the oldest!
I miss Mommy/Sis Lex/& Bub...they live in Iowa.
I would too but I'm gonna finish H.S. here and then I'll be going to college...I feel so grown up!
Best friend=LACIE.
I love her to death. She rox my sox.
I can't wait until 5/25/07....reason being=POTC3. Oh yeah babe!
It's just me & Daddy...I love him so much...he's a cool Dad =].
I like to feed the ducks at Delco park. (They prefer Wonder bread.)
I hang out with a cool bunch of people....Lace, Amber, Angie, Brenda, Calvin, Tater Head, Mansour, Jenn-errzzz,Jev(when i'm not mad @ him!), Ash Tray, Angle, Sammie-Poo, and my favorite cuz'n ever....Jesty-Ka.
I'll tell you more at a later time because the 1st period bell is about to ring(I'm @ good ol' school lol)..